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Noninvasive thrombectomy of graft by nano-magnetic ablating particles

Artificial vascular treatment is an emerging interdisciplinary subject of medicine. Although the use of
artificial vessels has led to many successful advancements, blood clotting remains a major challenge,
especially in terms of mural clots created along the vessel wall that do not completely block the
vessel. The main objective of this study is to present a method for declotting artificial vessels. This
research introduces a novel thrombectomy technique in artificial vessels by employing nanomagnetic
particles under a rotating magnetic field to remove mural clots in artificial vessels. A mathematical
model describes the relationship between process parameters. In vitro tests confirm the feasibility
of nanomagnetic thrombectomy in cleaning and declotting artificial vessels. The results show that
the clot fragments are nanosized, which eliminates the risk of distal emboli as a concern of using
current atherectomy techniques. Meanwhile, no damage to the artificial vessels is observed. The
results show that the frequency of rotating the magnetic field has the greatest effect on clot removal.
The conceptual principles stated in this study also have the potential to be used in other vascular
depositions, such as the accumulation of lipids, and calcification atherosclerosis.


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