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Mahshid Kharaziha, PhD

Dr. Kharaziha received her Ph.D. degree in Material Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, in Sep. 2013. Her Ph.D. thesis was devoted to the development of novel nanofibrous composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.  During her Ph.D. program, she joined Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology and did her internship research training.  Her research was focused on the soft tissue engineering, specifically on cardiac tissue engineering, heart valve tissue engineering and create microscale platforms for cell-substrate interactions studies. 

Dr. Kharaziha has published 20 journal articles, three book chapters, and more than 15 peer-reviewed conference papers and has H-index of 10. She has also received several awards during her education and research including: Distinguished  Researcher Award of Isfahan and Outstanding Student Awards of Isfahan University of Technology.

Dr. Kharaziha has joined as Assistant Professor in Materials Engineering Department at Isfahan University of Technology since 2014.  Her research group is currently focused on the integration of biomaterials and microscale technologies in order to develop advanced biomimetic micro and nanostructures for functional tissue engineering.



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