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Nanohybrid hydrogels of laponite: PVA-Alginate as a potential wound healing material

The aim of this study was to develop a novel nanohybrid interpenetrating network hydrogel composed of laponite:polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-alginate (LAP:PVA-Alginate) with adjustable mechanical, physical and biological properties for wound healing application. Results demonstrated that compared to PVA-Alginate, mechanical strength of LAP:PVA-Alginate significantly enhanced (upon 2 times). Moreover, incorporation of 2 wt.% laponite reduced swelling ability (3 times) and degradation ratio (1.2 times) originating from effective enhancement of crosslinking density in the nanohybrid hydrogels. Furthermore, nanohybrid hydrogels revealed admirable biocompatibility against MG63 and fibroblast cells. Noticeably, MTT assay demonstrated that fibroblast proliferation significantly enhanced on 0.5 wt.% LAP:PVA-alginate compared to PVA-alginate. Moreover, hemolysis and clotting tests indicated that the nanohybrid hydrogels promoted hemostasis which could be helpful in the wound dressing. Therefore, the synergistic effects of the nanohybrid hydrogels such as superior mechanical properties, adjustable degradation rate and admirable biocompatibility and hemolysis make them a desirable candidate for wound healing process.

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