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Mussel-inspired lignin decorated cellulose nanocomposite tough organohydrogel sensor with conductive, transparent, strain-sensitive and durable properties

A novel gel-based wearable sensor with environment resistance (anti-freezing and anti-drying), excellent strength, high sensitivity and self-adhesion was prepared by introducing biomass materials including both lignin and cellulose. The introduction of lignin decorated CNC (L-CNC) to the polymer network acted as nano-fillers to improve the gel's mechanical with high tensile strength (72 KPa at 25 °C, 77 KPa at −20 °C), excellent stretchability (803 % at 25 °C, 722 % at −20 °C). The abundant catechol groups formed in the process of dynamic redox reaction between lignin and ammonium persulfate endowed the gel with robust tissue adhesiveness. Impressively, the gel exhibited outstanding environment resistance, which could be stored for a long time (>60 days) in an open-air environment with a wide work temperature range (−36.5 °C–25 °C). Based on these significant properties, the integrated wearable gel sensor showed superior sensitivity (gauge factor = 3.11 at 25 °C and 2.01 at −20 °C) and could detect human activities with excellent accuracy and stability. It is expected that this work will provide a promising platform for fabricating and application of a high-sensitive strain conductive gel with long-term usage and stability.

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