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Design and characterization of dexamethasone-loaded poly (glycerol sebacate)-poly caprolactone/gelatin scaffold by coaxial electro spinning for soft tissue engineering

The aim of this research was to fabricate dexamethasone (Dex)-loaded poly (glycerol sebacate) (PGS)-poly (caprolactone) (PCL)/gelatin (Gt) (PGS-PCL/Gt-Dex) fibrous scaffolds in the form of core/shell structure which have potential application in soft tissues. In this regard, after synthesize and characterizations of PGS, PGS-PCL and gelatin fibrous scaffolds were separately developed in order to optimize the electrospinning parameters. In the next step, coaxial electrospun fibrous scaffold of PGS-PCL/Gt fibrous scaffold with PGS-PCL as core and Gt as shell was developed and its mechanical, physical and chemical properties were characterized. Moreover, degradability, hydrophilicity and biocompatibility of PGS-PCL/Gt fibrous scaffold were evaluated. In addition, Dex was encapsulated in PGS-PCL/Gt fibrous scaffold and drug release was assessed for tissue engineering application. Results demonstrated the formation of coaxial fibrous scaffold with average porosity of 79% and average fiber size of 294 nm. Moreover, PGS-PCL/Gt fibrous scaffold revealed lower elastic modulus, ultimate tensile and ultimate elongation than those of PGS-PCL scaffold and more close to mechanical properties of natural tissue. Furthermore, lower contact angle of PGS-PCL/Gt than that of PGS-PCL demonstrated improved surface hydrophilicity of scaffold. DEX release was sustained over a period time of 30 days from the scaffolds via three steps consisting of an initial burst release, secondary linear phase release pattern with slower rate over 20 days followed by an apparent zero-order release phase. MTT observations demonstrated that there was no evidence of toxicity in the samples with and without Dex. Our findings indicated that core/shell PGS-PCL/Gt-Dex fibrous could be used as a carrier for the sustained release of drugs relevant for tissue engineering which makes it appropriate for soft tissue engineering.

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