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Akbar Dorri


  • MSc, (2018- ): Design and Fabrication of Triboelectric Nanogenerator based on Transparent Polymers


Due to dramatic advances in nanotechnology and reduce the size of electronic systems, power generation nanoscale is of particular importance Triboelectric Nanogenerator a wide selection of features and add special properties of biocompatibility, and Biodegradability, and high output power, low weight and simplicity of construction, as a source of energy for electronic devices including phones smart are preferred. In recent years transparent and flexible nanogenerators, compared to nanogenerators without transparency and flexibility, with the output voltage and output power, as well as applications in various industries are the most, That's why these types of nanogenerators have become more important. In this way, to Design and Fabrication of Triboelectric transparent and flexible Nanogenerator, were used as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) because of transparency, Negative triboelectric potential and easy production, to achieve transparency and flexibility in nanogenerator It's a good choice. It should be noted that the use of PDMS alone is not effective in improving the performance of Nanogenerator  so with different methods and operations on its surface in order to generate roughness of the increased charge more. This report attempts to examine the research on nanogenerator, identify methods of surface modification of polymers such as PDMS, the layers Triboelectric appropriate to increase the ability to transfer electrical charge between them and expression strengths and weaknesses of preceding studies done in past years, to best mode for transparent and flexible polymer-based design Triboelectric Nanogenerator be reached.



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