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Zahra Mohammadpour


  • BSc, (2015-2019): Evaluation of conductive coatings on aluminum substrates by electric deposition method


In this study, in order to produce conductive coatings on aluminum substrates, metal-based composite coatings were used by electric deposition method. For this purpose, an aluminum substrate was first formed under the electrolytic plasma oxidation process. Subsequently, a middle layer of zinc was formed on the substrate and subsequently a coating of copper was created using an electrical deposition process on the surface. Accordingly, the coating process parameters were optimized to achieve optimum coating. Then, to achieve acceptable  properties such as hardness of the coatings, copper nanoparticle-boron nitride nanocomposite coatings were fabricated and characterized by using the optimized parameters in the previous step on the aluminum substrate. In order to control the thickness of the nanocomposite coating, the electrical deposition process was performed under different times of 10, 40 20 20 and 60 min. Also, the coating temperatures effects on coating morphology was investigated by performing the process at two temperatures of 25 and 54 ° C. The coatings were characterized using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopic images and the adhesion and roughness of the coatings were also investigated. The results showed that the electrolytic deposition process at a current density of 6A / dm^2, time of 10 min and temperature of 54 ° C led to the development of a uniform coating with optimum thickness. Also, the presence of a middle layer of zinc resulted in the development of a coating with cauliflowers morphology.

  • MSc, (2019- ):

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